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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Yungen: Too Real (Single Review)

It’s a rarity that I hear a song so poetically packed with pathos that has a phenomenally powerful pull in terms of replay value, and ever more rare for that song to be from a British rapper. But that’s exactly what’s happened with Yungen’s “Too Real” featuring Elise. The emotionally resonating cut rips through the intricate piano and drum based instrumental produced by ADP that lays the incredible foundation for a fantastic release.

Yungen details his reaction to Konan & Krept’s success, his disdain towards disloyal friends and how he felt after finding out a friend of his died whilst on tour on Australia in this amazingly autobiographical cut that will appease fans and attract new ones. The bars,

 “Maybe my heart’s too big, maybe I give too much / 
Maybe I’m killing myself tryna make all my people rich as fuck / 
More of the time I go out my way, and they don’t show the same love back / 
But if you could turn back time, I’ll do it again, where I’m from I weren’t raised like that”

 are a personal highlight, and definitely has me amped up to hear the “Project Black & Red” album, which the PlayDirty rapper indicated on Twitter will be a split of emotional (red) and braggadocios (black).

I’ve never quite given Yungen the attention he deserves, but now I most certainly will!